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Our Edutainment Parties combine education with entertainment and are highly relevant to children's educational needs.

All parties combine actual samples and visual aids with concise and captivating lecture information:

  • Pirate Treasure with Tall Ship History
  • Oceans with Nautical and Sailing Terminology
  • Sharks, Dolphins and Whales with Marine Ecosystems
  • other topics available

Hey, they're just really FUN!!
The kids don't know they're learning.

Edutainment Show

We all want our kids to learn but it’s even better when kids are led to discover they like to learn, and that's just what your Edutainment party does!

Your Pirate Treasure party had the boys beaming and buzzing afterwards.
Who would have thought they would be quizzing each other on naval history and nautical terms afterwards...nice job.


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