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Painted Tattoo Art
Tattoo Stencil

The perfect accessory for fun loving individuals!

Painted Tattoo Art is faster than Face Painting and just as adorable and unique. With over 150 different tattoo stencils there is always something perfect for everyone!

You pick the image and we can help you pick the colors.
Choose between sparkle, standard or pearlescent washable inks.

All About Fun Entertainment (AAFE) proudly uses only the highest quality and safest professional pigments imported directly from Great Britain:

Why does AAFE use expensive imported "For Now" art tattoo inks?

The colors are all water based, non-toxic cosmetic grade pigments manufactured to the highest standards. Worldwide, people of all ages with very sensitive skins use For Now Art Tattoo products with no adverse reactions. And they're so easy to remove at any time - just rub firmly with a facecloth, soap and warm water. They don't leave a trace and will never stain your clothes.

It's very hard to tell For Now Art Tattoos from the real thing - except when you use the Sparkle or Pearlescent colours, because you can't get such fantastic colours in real tattoos!

For Now Art Tattoos usually last between 3 - 5 days before they start to wear off. They don't come off in water unless they are rubbed. Most people can shower or swim and the tattoos are not affected. They don't fade, or stain your skin, because the colours contain cosmetic grade pigments, not dyes.

Painted Tattoos also come in Themes:

Belly Tattoo
  • Sea Creatures
  • Florals
  • Butterflies
  • Mystical Creatures
  • Kanji (Japanese symbols)
  • Dragons
  • Hearts
  • Arm Bands
  • Tribal Creatures
  • and many more
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